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The first Director of the Funster's was the late Wheeler Townley. He had much to do with organizing the Unit and in determining costumes and make-up for individuals. The first President of the Funster's was Noble Ed Plane. He was appointed by the Potentate. The Funster's first appeared in the Ceremonial Parade in November and when the Circus first played at Roberts Stadium the Funster's were there, and they have been at every Circus since.

2021 Officers

President - Dan "Centless" Bevers
Vice President - Don "Pack Rat" Holder
Treasurer - Ronnie "Funnie" Forney
Secretary - Van "Jasper" Haas

"No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child"

Meetings held 1st Monday, 6:30 p.m.
To schedule an event with the Funsters
please contact:

Funsters Hotline: 812-480-9812