2020 Divan

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The Divan (often pronounced with a long "i" sound) is to a Shrine temple what the board of directors is to a corporation. The Potentate is the Chairman of the Board. He presides over all meetings and has the ultimate responsibility and authority for the well being of his Shrine and its members (of which Hadi has approximately 1,500). This is a very prestigious position, the highest office attainable at the local Shrine level.

Potentate | Steve Hawes

Steve Cell: 812-568-7507

Chief Rabban | John Nelson

Assistant Rabban | Rick Hubbard

Rick Cell:812-483-9457

High Priest & Prophet | Terry Joyce

Terry Cell:859-948-5169

Oriental Guide | Chad Denton

Chad Cell:812-746-0176

Treasurer | John Schultz

John Cell: 812-449-1874

1st Ceremonial Master | Randy Dierlam

Randy Cell:812-449-6820

2nd Ceremonial Master | Andy Bullock

Andy Cell:812-483-9622

Director | Ira David Bevins

David Cell:812-660-1121

Parade Marshal | J.C. Land

JC Cell 812-499-0398

Captain of the Guard | Kevin Hazelwood

Kevin 270-860-7551

Outer Guard | Dan Mayes

Dan 812-319-9801

Chaplain Emeritus | PP Robert Sheets

Home Phone: 812-909-4105

Recorder/P.P. Roger Fuchs